Oh Christmas Tree!

We went to hunt down our Christmas tree yesterday and we had so much fun!  It was Audrey's first year going to chop down a real tree and I think Henley's second year picking out a tree with us.  Both the girls loved the tractor ride to the tree pasture but once we found our tree Audrey didn't understand why the tractor didn't magically reappear immediately to retrieve us and bring us back to the heated barn with the barn kitty in it.  Henley was very helpful picking out the tree and testing if it was the right height to put a star on and if it was too poky or just the right amount of softness.  

Momming while running on empty...

Momming while running on empty...
My kids at times seem to have endless amounts of energy while only sleeping for a couple hours... I however don't seem to be able to do either.  Being a mom can be difficult in the best of times but when you're exhausted that is so much harder!  When I am tired I have a shorter temper, less patience and generally turn into a grump.  This also makes it much harder in the middle of the night when the toddler wakes up and can't sleep in her own bed to try and negotiate with her to return to her own bed instead of just letting her crawl in with me.
I find it extremely important to make sure that the few hours of sleep I am able to get is quality sleep.  I found a weighted blanket that I really love and I feel like actually really helps me sleep.  I also found an electric heating pad that is great for those achy mom muscles (making humans takes a toll on the body).  The last thing that I find really helpful is diffusing oils in the bedroom while I sleep this has made 
a huge difference for myself as well for my husband!  I have not however found a great way to keep the toddler in her own bed except for bribery which only seems to work 50% of the time.  Remembering to take care of yourself is important allowing you to better take care of your family.
You can get the weighted blanket that I love here and the heating pad here.  If your interested in getting essential oils for your household this is the company that I use (the only one I trust to have quality oils I can use on my family and pets) https://www.youngliving.com/en_us/products/holiday-starter-bundle?sponsorid=4013589&enrollerid=4013589.  Young Living also has a whole line of personal care products, supplements, kids line and even animal products!

How Children Change You

How Children Change You
I resisted the elf on the shelf before you were even a wish in my mind.  I thought that it was silly and seemed like way to much effort and then I had you.  Our oldest daughter Henley will be four on Jan 1st this year and is fully in awe of all things Christmas magical.  It was this year that I saw said elf in a different light.  Instead of a lot of silly work I saw it as a magical and whimsical way to bring even more magic to Henley's holiday season.

I ordered the elf and typed up a letter for my little princess straight from the North Pole.  I told Henley that we could build a bed for her elf to sleep in during the day and just seeing her excitement in this elf magic has been reward enough.  I have saved a bunch of ideas for our elf to do while she is here with Henley and have been busily putting these things together to make it super easy for me when December comes.  I have also decided to get a wooden box to keep all of the cute mementos on for Henley in case one day she wants to pass her elf on to her kids... yeah I know I had kids and became that mom but don't worry it will happen to you too.

This is the elf that I ordered I made sure to get a girl for Henley because I knew she would be extra excited about it being a girl like her.  I also was able to fine an enhancement kit that allows you to manipulate the elf which I thing will make it much easier for me.  An added bonus is that the amazon boxes that the elf and enhancement kit came in we are using to make the bed for the elf.

I See You Little One

I See You Little One
I see you watching me little one
You notice every thing I do 
Every thing I say you hear
I see you little one.

You are striving to be like me
I hope you are watching me
Learning your strength is more...

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Loosing The Baby Weight

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Loosing The Baby Weight
Mamas these hips that helped to make our precious children are perfect for holding them.  This body was able to create a perfect tiny human that is the perfect image of us.  In the world today we as moms are expected to walk out of the delivery room with makeup, perfect hair and not a single extra pound after spending 9 months creating life…. Lets face it that is unrealistic.  
In reality immediately after being rolled from recovery (c-section mama here) and into our room at the hospital the only thing I was ready for was a killer nap.  I was so focused on figuring out how my husband and I had just transitioned from two to three and then again from three to four when we had our second little one the last thing on my mind was how I looked in that moment.  I am 100% happy that I wasn’t worried about the baby weight or really anything else but my happy little family at the time.
All this to say mama’s is give yourself some grace and compassion!  You literally just created a human life from just a few cells into to your precious baby! It is ok to take your time figuring out how your new family all fits together.  Those same hips that helped you birth your precious little one are also absolutely perfect and beautiful for holding that precious soul (it’s like we gain the extra hip so we can put them there)!  If the only thing you’re worrying about as a new mom or even a  mom of older littles is being the best you for them that you can and loving them the best you can then you are doing a perfect job mama!

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