Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Loosing The Baby Weight
Mamas these hips that helped to make our precious children are perfect for holding them.  This body was able to create a perfect tiny human that is the perfect image of us.  In the world today we as moms are expected to walk out of the delivery room with makeup, perfect hair and not a single extra pound after spending 9 months creating life…. Lets face it that is unrealistic.  
In reality immediately after being rolled from recovery (c-section mama here) and into our room at the hospital the only thing I was ready for was a killer nap.  I was so focused on figuring out how my husband and I had just transitioned from two to three and then again from three to four when we had our second little one the last thing on my mind was how I looked in that moment.  I am 100% happy that I wasn’t worried about the baby weight or really anything else but my happy little family at the time.
All this to say mama’s is give yourself some grace and compassion!  You literally just created a human life from just a few cells into to your precious baby! It is ok to take your time figuring out how your new family all fits together.  Those same hips that helped you birth your precious little one are also absolutely perfect and beautiful for holding that precious soul (it’s like we gain the extra hip so we can put them there)!  If the only thing you’re worrying about as a new mom or even a  mom of older littles is being the best you for them that you can and loving them the best you can then you are doing a perfect job mama!


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