How Children Change You
I resisted the elf on the shelf before you were even a wish in my mind.  I thought that it was silly and seemed like way to much effort and then I had you.  Our oldest daughter Henley will be four on Jan 1st this year and is fully in awe of all things Christmas magical.  It was this year that I saw said elf in a different light.  Instead of a lot of silly work I saw it as a magical and whimsical way to bring even more magic to Henley's holiday season.

I ordered the elf and typed up a letter for my little princess straight from the North Pole.  I told Henley that we could build a bed for her elf to sleep in during the day and just seeing her excitement in this elf magic has been reward enough.  I have saved a bunch of ideas for our elf to do while she is here with Henley and have been busily putting these things together to make it super easy for me when December comes.  I have also decided to get a wooden box to keep all of the cute mementos on for Henley in case one day she wants to pass her elf on to her kids... yeah I know I had kids and became that mom but don't worry it will happen to you too.

This is the elf that I ordered I made sure to get a girl for Henley because I knew she would be extra excited about it being a girl like her.  I also was able to fine an enhancement kit that allows you to manipulate the elf which I thing will make it much easier for me.  An added bonus is that the amazon boxes that the elf and enhancement kit came in we are using to make the bed for the elf.


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