When did I become a clown?
From the moment I got up this morning until this moment I have been juggling.   I’m watching the kids, doing chores in the barn, answering messages and emails and watching the puppy as well.   Somehow the puppy gets stung in the ear and I don’t notice because I can’t find the source of her screaming (you know the mom rule of thumb anything broken can you still walk you must be fine) who thinks to look at the ear?  Then I can’t get the horses to go outside and I can hear my children yelling in the backyard from the barn!
It takes a village to raise tiny humans and it isn’t like it used to be.  Mom’s used to have a neighborhood to help raise the tiny monsters and aunts and grandparents just down the road.  Now we are lucky to find good babysitters sometimes!  One of the best decisions I have made as a mom is to hire help!  I am not superwoman and I own that, I have limitations because I am human.  It’s unrealistic to expect me to run a farm, run a business, be fully present with my kids and be a wife and housekeeper.   Just like my husband I go to work too; the nanny comes and is able to devote her whole attention to my kids while I get the things done.  
It is unfortunate in today’s society that we as mom’s are expected to do all the things and do them all amazingly.  We often are left at the end of the day feeling like circus clown’s juggling in the tiny car which doesn’t exactly evoke happy emotions for me.  There seem to be a huge lack of community and support for mom’s that doesn’t paint a picture that we should be perfect people.  If you would like to join my community of mom's being real mom's you can join HERE and if you know a mom who would benefit from this blog please feel free to share it!


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